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Declaration of romantic interest form

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Official notice - Declaration of Romantic interest

Dear [name of recipient], I wish to inform you that I consider you to be a [superlative] human being, a quality which I consider [adjective of magnitude] attractive. Frankly, the world, is filled with many [undesirable human quality] people, though you are far mo [remarkable characteristic] than them. I find myself daydreaming about [plotline of your fantasy]. Your [body parts (plural)] are like [rare or precious thing] and your [body part (singular)] reminds me of [something desirable]. I would happily [an extreme act] in order to [goal of such an absurd action], I can only hope that you feel the same [euphemism for attraction] toward me. I eagerly anticipate your candid reply. Sincerely, your [relationship to recipient], [name of sender]

Extent of interest:
Intrigued / I have a bit of a crush / Infatuated

I have felt this way since:
I was born / We met / This morning

Suggested activities:
Conversing / Flirting / Dancing / Gazing / Kissing / Copulating / Breeding / Cohabiting / Knot-tying / Growing old

Please reply:
Immediately / At Your Leisure / No Reply Necessary / In Writing / And/or In Person / With enthusiasm

This notice it intended to alert you to my feelings at the moment. Feelings may change rapidly and without further notice. In the event that you are interested, act quickly

Further notation: [please refrain from the use of poetry]

Issued by Printed by Magnetism in New York, N.Y.

Well after typing all this, I discover that is a real site with a bunch of funny forms like this one. Be sure to check them out, they also have a nice tool to fill them with fitting fonts and checkboxes, and to send the filled forms by e-mail

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