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The right to be wrong

right_to_be_wrong.jpg Dogs and presidentsThumbnailsFuck Zuck 2020Dogs and presidentsThumbnailsFuck Zuck 2020Dogs and presidentsThumbnailsFuck Zuck 2020

Your most important freedom is the right to be wrong.

No tyranny was ever justified by the need to ban something seen as healthy, wise, or good.
The rulers will always claim their oppression will keep you from being unhealthy, foolish, or wrong.

Half the things we are encouraged to do today were once considered bad by the "experts" and the State, and much of what is attacked as harmful or mistaken today, will eventually turn out to be just fine.

It's our freedom to do things that people dislike, the unpopular or incorrect, that must be protected... as long as you don't violate anyone else's right to choose the opposite

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