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The World seen from the USA

world_seen_from_USA.jpg ThumbnailsWhy are you littering? (forest version)ThumbnailsWhy are you littering? (forest version)ThumbnailsWhy are you littering? (forest version)

How the average American sees the World - A Stereotype Map

Alaska: Russian Observatory
Canada: Hockey and Bears
USA: Freedom
Texas: Texas
Mexico: Drugs and Tacos
Cuba: Missiles
South America: Jungle Savages
Greenland: Nothing really
Iceland: Volcano
UK: The Queen
Southern Europe: Wine
Germany: Beer
Eastern Europe: Radiation
Northern Europe: Black Metal and Ikea
Russia: Communists and Crime
Middle Ease: War
North Africa: Empty Desert
Eastern Africa: Pirates
Central Africa: Elephants and Lions
South Africa: Racists
Madagascar: Lemurs
India: Tech Support
China: The Factory
Vietnam and around: Noodles
Indonesia: Coffee
Japan: Sushi and Ninjas
Australia: Kangaroos
New Zealand: Kiwis and Kiwis

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